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Academic Student Services

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Academic Student Services


Virginia University of Lynchburg provides a variety of academic services for students. The following are standard throughout the year. However, as the need arises, other services may be available.


STEP (Student Testing and Educational Proficiency) Center Services:

1)      Placement Testing: Students are tested for placement in math and English classes.

 2)      Academic Counseling: Students with low GPA’s who are on academic probation or those who are admitted conditionally receive counseling. Students work with a faculty member (faculty advisor) to set up an AIP (Academic Improvement Plan). Students identify obstacles to their success. They identify possible solutions. With the help of the faculty advisor, they work out a plan to overcome the obstacles. The advisor will monitor the student throughout the semester. Interventions include tutoring, conferencing with instructors, conferencing with Mental Health Counselors, attending study hall, and meeting with the Faculty Advisors weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

 3)      Tutoring: This is a peer tutoring program. Upper class students with high GPA’s are matched with students who need tutoring based on both the tutor’s strengths and the needs of the students to be tutored. Tutors are available for those with AIP’s as well as those referred by instructors or those who are self-referred.


The Adopt-a-Mentor program is a volunteer program for students. All faculty members are required to participate. VUL will use a unique way to match faculty mentors with students. Faculty will design a poster of themselves with interesting facts (likes, dislikes, hobbies, favorites) about themselves. On the posters will also be the instructor’s contact information. The posters will be in a central location on campus where students can view them and obtain the contact information.

The program will be informal to a certain degree, but it will have a minimum requirement that the mentor and student meet at least once a week and that one topic of conversation will be the student’s academic progress. Faculty will be encouraged to join the student or have the student join them for meals, campus events, ballgames, and other activities which require interaction between the faculty member and student.

Faculty Advising

Students are assigned a faculty advisor when they enroll. This faculty advisor is with them throughout their tenure at VUL.

·         The advisor will periodically meet with the student to evaluate the student’s academic progress (at least twice a year).

·         The advisor will help the student decide which classes to take based on degree requirements, course offerings, and student interests (Student Registration).

·         The advisor will contact students when they receive notice from the Registrar or STEP Center that a student is missing too many classes or not making sufficient academic progress in a class.).

·         The advisor will assist the student with long-range goals, including career interests and pursuing graduate level degrees, by directing the student to the appropriate departments or available resources.

·         The advisor will develop an Academic Improvement Plan for students who are on academic probation. The advisor will be notified which students to do plans for. Forms are available in the STEP Center.

·         The advisor will refer the student to the appropriate department or university service providers when necessary. This includes the Registrar’s Office, the Testing Department, Financial Aid, the Career Center, the Center for Academic Success (STEP Center) and the Counseling Center.